I wish I’d learned to play as a child . . .

Yes, it is easier in a small body . . . and apart from the lifelong pleasure, learning music also strengthens and broadens children in ways you may not have realised.

Specifically, reading, language and maths have all been shown to improve with music education.  Music strengthens memory and learning.  Children and teenagers who play an instrument also deal better with emotional difficulties and change.

What we offer

Celtic Arts Agency organises private lessons in a range of Canberra schools with experienced teachers.  Instruments currently on offer are piano, violin, guitar and singing.  Lessons are for half an hour and happen during the school day.  They are booked for a term. If you’re interested please contact  musicfun@jocresswell.com or call 0418 405 236

Schools in Canberra where tuition is offered:-

St Josephs Primary, O’Connor – guitar and piano
Majura Primary, Watson – guitar and piano

If you would like to organise teachers for your school please email musicfun@jocresswell.com or call 0418 405 236

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