Term 3 commences on Monday 22 July.  There are spots open in guitar, and piano, but only at the times listed as vacant below.  (Unfortunately we can’t put everyone in the 3.05pm slot).  Click on the BLUE bold links to download a PDF of the timetable for each teacher.


_TUESDAY Piano with Sophia T3

3.05 pm Zoe
3.35 pm VACANT
4.05 pm Isaac
4.35 pm Arya
5.05 pm Keito
5.35 pm Daniel


Tuesday Dan Macquarie T3

3.05 pm Mahtaya
3.35 pm Vihaan
4.05 pm Claudia
4.35 pm Amelia
5.05 pm Vacant

Tuesday Macquarie T3 Andrew

3.05 pm Maia
3.35 pm Vacant
4.05 pm Matilda
4.35 pm  John
5.05 pm  Ano

Weds Macquarie Piano Maria Term 3 v2

3.05 pm Ollie
3.35 pm Rebekah
4.05 pm Hamish
4.35 pm Vacant
5.05 pm Vacant
5.35 pm Alex



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