Celtic Arts Agency has a philosophy of providing a broad musical education which includes sight reading, ear playing, theory, improvisation, rhythm, varied musical styles and general musicianship.

We provide a friendly, non-judgmental environment in which to stimulate students.  We aim to be respectful, patient and fun to be with.  We like to collaborate with you on how you or your child is learning and ways to improve that experience for you and your child.

Please send a small exercise book with your child in which the teacher can write any homework or a note to you.  You can also write a note to the teacher in this book.

Lessons are booked for a term, and unfortunately we are not in a position to organize make up lessons or credit due to sickness or other ‘life’ matters.   If your child is sick or away, we do ask you give the teacher 24 hours notice by ringing the teacher directly.   If a teacher is unavailable for a lesson, they will do a make-up or we will give you a credit for that lesson in the next term.


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