TERM 1 2023

Term 1 commences on Monday 6 February (2nd week of term) for 9 weeks of a 10 week school term. (Experience tells us nobody is ever ready for kids to be taken out of class in week 1)

Click on the headings below to view a pdf of the tentative timetable

Enrolment Availability

PIANO – In school lessons  – currently fully booked and waiting list in operation
PIANO – After school lessons – currently fully booked
GUITAR –  Places available
VIOLIN –  Places available

The timetables below are tentative and will be updated again late January.


During School Piano

During School Guitar/Violin


During School Piano


During School Piano

During School Guitar/Violin


During School Piano


During School Piano


The waiting list for piano currently has 21 students in the queue. A request for additional teaching days/space has been made to the school

Timetables amended: 12 January 2023 (in progress and changing regularly until 6 February 2023)


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