TERM 1 2022

Term 1 commences on Monday 1 February for a 9 week term. (Except Monday students who have 2 public holidays (Canberra Day and Harmony Day) that shorten the term.  Lessons will be face to face unless otherwise organised, subject to current CoVid restrictions. 

Click on the headings below to view a pdf of the tentative timetable

PIANO – In school lessons  – fully booked and waiting list in operation
PIANO – After school lessons – places available – as negotiated with teacher
GUITAR –  Fully booked and waiting list in operation
VIOLIN –  Places available

The 2022 timetable is currently being organised, and is delayed on previous years as we plan around the current COVID situation.

The timetables below will be updated late January.


Monday Term 3 Timetable Leonie v1
Students: Rose, Elijah, Hamish, Marvie, Aidah, Ruben, Evie, James, Isabella, Erica, Clancy, Maithhi, May, Luke, Emilia, Talis, Arthur, Rachel, Madison, Cooper, 
(Full timetable)

2021 Monday Term 3 Andrew v1
Students: Oscar, Maisy, Lara, Oscar M, Ethan, Henrik, Matilda, Ruehanna, Adrian, Oli
(full timetable)

Term 3 Monday After School Maria v1
Students: Noah, Greta


2021 Term 3 Timetable Katrina v1Students: Zo, Heidi, Steffi, Ella, Jesse, Charlie, Chloe, Reenie, Audrey E, Rufus, Saskia, Clayton, Heath
(full timetable)

2021 Term 3 Tuesday After School Maria v1
Students: Anoop, Emily, Rose, Joseph, Aria. 5.35 pm space available
Places Available

Tuesday 2021 Term 3 Timetable Andrew v1
Students: Jack F, Axel


Weds Term 3 Leonie 2021 v1
Students: Annaji, Oscar, Taavi, Wilkie, Esther, Joshua, Emily, Amelia, Alice, Anastasia, Nina, Edith, Clare, Lucie, Rafe, Jack, Louis, Raph, Anya
(full timetable)

Wednesday 2021 Term 3 Timetable Andrew v1
Students: Alex, Will, Lachlan, Eamon, Jack L,  Max, Spencer, Armi
(full timetable)


2021 Term 3 Piano Mary Liz v1

Students:  Henry, Maeve, Oli, Charlotte, Caitlin, Sabine, Julian, Marko, Oscar W, Arya, Stella, Elise
(full timetable)



2021 Term 3 Violin Sharon Casey Friday v1
Students: Matthew, Elodie, Charlotte, McDuff

2021 Friday Term 3 Piano Abbey v1.1
Students:  Marlena, Liam, Stella, Audrey, Llewy, Alanna, Matilda A, Georgia R, Ella Q, Sanju, Arlo


Timetables amended: 15 July 21


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