Term 1 Timetables 2019

Term 1 commences on Monday 11 February (week 2 of school)  Classes will be conducted for 9 weeks of the 10 week term (no lesson the first week as there are usually too many other things on).


Monday Term 1 Timetable Leonie v4
Students: Rose, Henry, Alex, Ali, Rachel, Emilia, Evie, May, Edith, Jasmine, Michael, Marvie, Erica, Abbey, Isabella, Matthew, Liam, Cy, Diya, Josie

2019 Monday Term 1 Andrew
Students: Oliver, Tara, Lara, James, Ethan, Lucia, Imogen


Tuesday 2019 Term 1 Timetable Katrina v2
Students: Farrin, Luca, Heidi, Lucy, Eva, Steffi, Abigail, Alice, Darcy, Byron, Charlie

Tuesday Term 1 Timetable Leonie v3
Students:  Caspar, Rafe, Jon, Elkie, Maia, Emma

Tuesday T1 Dave violin v2
Students: Georgia, Ruby, David, Aidan, Edelia



Wednesday Term 1 Timetable Leonie v5
Students: Sophia, Annabel, Wilkie, James, Ysobel, Dashiell, Emily, Clare, Julia, Isabella, India, Riley, Lucinda, Lavinia, Sheilla, Katia, Lily, Anya

2019 Wednesday Term 1 Timetable Andrew
Students:, Jordi, Frida, Viola, Will, Elodie, Robyn


Thursdays 2019 Term 1 Piano Mary Liz v6
Students: Declan, David, Maeve, Zara, Saraya, Caitlin, Marcus, Alison, Amelia, Zoe, Ariel, Stella, Byron

2019 Thursday T1 Dave guitar v2
Students: Ben, Harry, Micah, Lenny

Thursdays After School Term 1 Maria v5
Students: Abbey, Elaya, Luke, Lola, Amy, Helena


2019 Friday Term 1 Piano Abbey v4
Students: Amber, Zara, William, Leo, Willow, Lola, Adelaide, Samantha, Alanna, Lucy

Friday Term 1 After School Majura Maria v6

Students: Abi, Greta, Ashley, Luke P, Vacant, Vacant



There are currently vacancies for guitar and violin.

There are currently 3 after school hours places open for piano lessons.

We have a waiting list of students seeking places during school hours – at the moment the in-school piano is being used all school day every day.  We have over 70 piano students at Majura at the moment.

2019 LIST


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