Term 1 commences on Monday 19 April for a 10 week term.  Lessons will be face to face unless otherwise organised, subject to current CoVid restrictions.  (Monday students have 3 public holidays – Anzac Day, Reconciliation Day and Queen’s Birthday weekend.  Parents will be advised if the teacher will work another day to makeup or whether we will invoice for a shorter term)

Click on the headings below to view a pdf of the tentative timetable

PIANO – In school lessons  – fully booked and waiting list in operation
PIANO – After school lessons – places available – as negotiated with teacher
GUITAR –  Fully booked and waiting list in operation
VIOLIN –  Places available


Monday Term 2 Timetable Leonie v2
Students: Rose, Elijah, Hamish, Marvie, Aidah, Ruben, Evie, James, Isabella, Erica, Clancy, Maithhi, May, Luke, Emilia, Talis, Arthur, Rachel, Madison, Cooper, 
(Full timetable)

2021 Monday Term 2 Andrew v1
Students: Oscar, Maisy, Lara, Oscar M, Ethan, Henrik, Matilda, Ruehanna, Adrian, Oli
(full timetable)

2021 After School Term 2 Maria
Students: Noah, Greta


2021 Term 2 Timetable Katrina v1
Students: Zo, Heidi, Steffi, Ella, Jesse, Charlie, Chloe, Reenie, Audrey E, Rufus, Saskia, Clayton, Heath
(full timetable)

2021 Term 2 Tuesday After School Maria v3
Students: Anoop, Emily, Rose, Joseph, Aria. 5.35 pm space available
Places Available

Tuesday 2021 Term 1 Timetable Andrew v1
Students: Jack F, Axel


Weds Term 2 Leonie 2021 v2
Students: Annaji, Oscar, Taavi, Wilkie, Esther, Joshua, Emily, Amelia, Alice, Anastasia, Nina, Edith, Clare, Lucie, Rafe, Jack, Louis, Raph, Anya
(full timetable)

Wednesday 2021 Term 2 Timetable Andrew v1
Students: Alex, Viola, Will, Lachlan, Eamon, Jack L, Thomas W, Max, Spencer, Armi
(full timetable)


2021 Term 2 Piano Mary Liz v2
Students:  Henry, Maeve, Oli, Charlotte, Caitlin, Sabine, Julian, Marko, Oscar W, Arya, Stella, Elise
(full timetable)

2021 After School Term 2 Maria v1
Students: Greta, vacant, Emily (places available  3.45pm, 4.35 pm, 5.15pm)
Places Available


2021 Term 2 Violin Sharon Casey Friday v1
Students: Matthew, Elodie, Charlotte

2021 Friday Term 2 Piano Abbey v1
Students: Arlo, Marlena, Liam, Stella, Audrey, Llewy, Alanna, Matilda A, Georgia R, Ella Q, Sanju,


Timetables amended: 18 April 21

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